Vero Cordero has been teaching Zumba since 2012 and has EIGHT certifications... see them all on her Zumba page!

Vero's classes are variante para todos las edades y gustos! Morning classes are ideal for seniors (Zumba Gold) and afternoon classes are traditional high-energy. Todos los classes are taught in Spanish (except when they are in English, ha ha). Her classes are ideal for those who like a their Latin Cumbia, Salsa, Bachata mixed with just a little bit of Pop and Reggatton.

Veronica teaches two classes per day at St. Jarlath's Church Monday-Thursday. 

Former Instructors:


Jackie Broussard of fitBody with Jackie has been  teaching Zumba since 2006. Her classes are notoriously high-energy and her devoted students enjoy dancing to Bhangra, salsa, hip hop, African, and more. Check out her videos!

Jackie enjoys throwing themed Zumba parties, and organized a highly successful Zumbathon™for Oakland Tech HighSchool in May, 2012 with Kristen Caven. She's also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Want to give Zumba with Jackie a try? Your first class with Jackie is always free. Learn more about Jackie at

Dimond Zumba Club founder Kristen Caven started teaching Zumba in three locations in the Dimond/Laurel in 2011 and now teaches at Oakland Tech and The Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt (Wednesdays 8:30).

Kristen adds a certain theatrical, vampy style to her eclectic musical mix, mixing her Zumba favorites up with 20th century global pop.

Kristen organized a highly successful Zumbathon™for Oakland Tech High School in May, 2012 with Jackie Broussard before starting this website for local instructors.

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