Jackie Broussard of fitBody with Jackie has been  teaching Zumba since 2006. Her classes are notoriously high-energy and her devoted students enjoy dancing to Bhangra, salsa, hip hop, African, and more. Check out her videos!

Jackie enjoys throwing themed Zumba parties, and organized a highly successful Zumbathon™for Oakland Tech HighSchool in May, 2012 with Kristen Caven. She's also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Want to give Zumba with Jackie a try? Your first class with Jackie is always free. She teaches Tuesday and Thursday eveningsLearn more about Jackie at

Soana and Malina
Soana Lauti and Malina Wolfgramm teach on Monday Evenings at the East Bay Dance Center and Wednesday evenings at Faith American Lutheran Church in Maxwell Park.

Before Dimond Zumba Club founder Kristen Caven started teaching Zumba (October, 2011), she adored ballroom dance and Broadway & Hollywood musicals. She taught three classes in the Dimond/Laurel and organized a highly successful Zumbathon™for Oakland Tech High School in May, 2012 with Jackie Broussard.

A former Decobelle who once even danced with fruit on her head, Kristen peppers her classes with routines inspired by literature, movies and pop culture.

She returned from a medical leave (non-Zumba related!) in October, 2013, reborn as KRS-10, and now teaches morning classes at Tech. You can sign up for her announcements here.

Heidi Aboites Deterer teaches Zumba in Moraga but lives in the Dimond. She's also certified in Zumbatomic, which is Zumba for kids! Watch for family dance parties, they're coming soon!

Other Instructors

Click for a directory of all Zumba classes within a 5-mile radius.

Call Curves Dimond for a current schedule (Curves members only).

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